July Favorites

Hello again friends! I am going to be posting product reviews at the end of each month, and I hope this inspires you to try some new things and gives you some insight to what we love to carry in our professional kits and why! This month I have our makeup expert Kylee and our hair AND makeup guru Megan gushing all about their favorite products. 

Foundation is key y’all, and I’m not talking actual foundation. The “priming the skin” phase when doing makeup is the most, or one of the most important parts. With that being said Kylee told us about one of her favorite makeup products. She said, “The most essential product in my kit is absolutely Water Balm Moisturizer, by Sonia Roselli. You can use it on absolutely everyone and it’s truly a miracle product! Moisturizer is so important for an amazing makeup application.” I also love Sonia Roselli products, and the Water Balm is really as amazing as Kylee says. You can find this amazing product and all of Sonia’s line HERE. Another thing that I think makes or breaks the look is the lip color that is chosen, and Megan has the perfect palette to give you lots of options when making that decision. Megan says, “My favorite makeup product right now is my Viseart lip palette in 01 Muse Nude. It has all the perfect shades for bridal, and everyday. I also love that I don’t have to carry around like 100 lipsticks in my kit anymore!” So many makeup artists have a drawer full of lip colors in their kit, which I understand is somewhat necessary. You never know if someone is going to ask for a bold lip that day, or pink, nude, or mauve. However, having this palette can give you plenty of options and take up a third of the space! A random fact about me is that I love when hair and makeup artists bring minimal products to do their work. I just see that and think, they could probably do an amazing job with the absolute bare essentials, in the middle of rain forest! I just know that if their luggage would for some reason not make it on their flight or to their destination, and they would pick up somethings at the local Walgreens and it would look just as beautiful. Anyways enough with me drooling over such talented artists, let’s talk about some hair products. 

Where are all my girls with dry hair? Kylee tells us about her favorite hair product that she uses on her self daily. She says, “Hair Serum! I have dry coarse hair, and a huge part in keeping it looking magical is making sure its well oiled, if you will! My favorite is Obliphica Seaberry Hair Serum.” Keeping your hair looking silky, soft, and healthy is going to change your hair game. It will still style great, even with the extra hydration, but now it will look even more luscious and who doesn’t want that?! Speaking of stying great, my favorite type of hair to work with is dimensional hair. I love that I can see all the detail so well throughout my styling process, as well as in the finished product. Most of the time this hair type is longer and highlighted. Megan tells us how to keep this highlighted hair bright- “I use Joico Blonde Life shampoo and conditioner on my highlighted hair. It helps brighten my blonde and cancels out the “brassy-ness”. It also helps with the condition of the hair. Because of the bleaching my hair has gone through, it is damaged, and this shampoo and conditioner is for blondes, so it’s nondamaging and hydrating. My hair feels so soft and looks so bright after I use these products.” 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about some of SKMU’s favorite things, and now have a few new products you want to add to your repertoire. If you do end up trying them out, let us know what you thought about them and as always if you have any questions or comments let us know! Keep checking out our Instagram for a post about a product give away from this post!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Rhiannon + all your Sunkissed girls

Rhiannon Suffield